Sunday School 2.0

This is our Sunday Morning environment @ 9:20 and 11:00. The age span is from nursery to 5th grade.  This environment is a large group/small group setting.  

In the large group environment we engage our children in activities and object lessons and skits as we teach Bible lessons.  Our large group leaders interact with the children and make God’s Word come alive through a fun and engaging experience.

After large group the children return to their classes where they continue the lesson through activities, games and interactive object lessons that make the lessons more applicable to their lives.  

Team Kids

TEAM KIDS IS KICKING THINGS OFF ON SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2018 - "Team Kids" is our Wednesday evening experience that last from 7:00pm-8:15pm. This environment lasts for about an hour and fifteen minutes.  This is a Large Group/ Small Group environment were we experience God’s love and Word in a discipleship setting.  This environment is for preschool through 5th grade

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