At Ringgold, we use a “do simple better” mindset as we lead LifeGroups, worship, sermons, and church events. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Ringgold uses a variety of church resources that are available for church usage for advanced creativity. As a leadership team, we believe The Church is meant to work together for the Kingdom of God - WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

Why do we continue with the “do simple better” mindset? This allows our church leadership to go above and beyond in each of their respective ministries. We seek to reach, inspire, multiply, and transform with all that we do. We stand on truth, preach truth, and we live by truth. If you choose to listen to the different series version, you will see that each church personalizes the series to meet the needs of their church.

The church resources that Ringgold uses that are available for local church usage include, but are not limited to: Purpose Driven (Rick Warren); Creative Pastors (Ed Young Jr.); The Living Word (Robert Russell, Dave Stone, and Kyle Idleman); Church Swindoll; John Ortberg; Craig Groeschel; Andy Stanley; Willowcreek Assoc.; Zondervan Publishing; Stand Publishing; The Worship Initiative; What is Orange (Kid's ministry); etc. 


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