YOUR QUESTIONS AND DOUBTS ARE WELCOME HERE!  Starting Point is an 8-week gathering where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. In a Starting Point group, you can discuss your doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith, free from pressure and judgment.


At Ringgold Church, we have strived to create a place that is attractive, engaging, relevant, and helpful. 

For Starting Point to be a safe place for people to begin asking the questions they have about God, life, and matters of faith was absolutely crucial. Starting Point was developed to meet people right where they are, to be a conversational environment where people can explore faith and experience community.  

To help clarify who Starting Point is ideal for, we use three different descriptions:

  • New to a relationship with Jesus Christ and looking to build a solid foundation for their faith

  • Returning to a church background and have been away for a while

  • Curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity, but do not identify as a Christian

Starting Point is a place where no question is off-limits, conversation is encouraged, and there are opportunities to discuss your questions with others who are on the same journey. 

Spring Starting Point: February 3 - March 24, 2019

Starting point FAQS

When will the next Starting Point session be offered?

The next season of Starting Point will start Sunday, September 9, 2018.

Can I sign up with a group of people to go through Starting Point with?

Yes, your group can go through this experience together. Just make sure your friend group signs up for the same Starting Point class during registration.

Is there a cost to participate in Starting Point?

No - Starting point is a free connect group that helps you build a strong foundation in your relationship with Christ, and the the Church.

Is childcare available?

Yes. Free, on-campus childcare is available.

Do I have to go through Starting Point to get into a Connect Group?

No, we do not require individuals to go through Starting Point. However, our hope is that everyone at Ringgold Church will go through Starting Point and join a Connect Group.

Do Starting Point groups transition into Life Groups?

We hope so! As you go through Starting Point, your group will not only build a strong foundation in your relationship with Christ, but with the Church. It is our prayer to see you more involved at Ringgold through connect groups, serving, and more!

What is a Connect Group?

Click here to learn more.

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