Worship is one of the most controversial topics in churches today. Between generational differences, denominational differences, music styles, and so on, the church has been split in different directions when it comes to discussing and practicing worship. Everyone has his or her own views and practices when it comes to worship and don’t particularly venture beyond where they are comfortable.

However, worship is a command from God Himself. Biblical worship is more than just a Sunday morning service - it’s a lifestyle! Worship is the act of bringing honor and glory to God through everything you do, all the time!

“Praise Him from sunrise to sunset! For He is above the nations; His glory is far greater than the heavens. Who can be compared with God enthroned on high?”
-Psalm 113:3-5

We are called to worship the Almighty; it’s the purpose of our being. Worship is not something we want to get wrong, especially since it is something we are going to be doing throughout all eternity. Therefore, we refuse to sugarcoat the truth when it comes to biblical worship.

Here at Ringgold, we thrive on biblical principles of worship. Worship is not only a command, but a way of life. We seek to worship God in everything that we do at Ringgold Church. 

Worship PASTOR

David Conley

"We invite you to come worship with us this week. Corporate worship is an exciting time to join together as one as we glorify and praise God."

We hope to see you this week!

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