Upcoming Church Events

Young Adults Ministry

Many changes are in store for our Young Adults Ministry, and we are excited for what's ahead! We will be starting COME ONE + SERVE ONE, as well as launching two lifegroups during the week! To learn more about upcoming changes and to sign-up for summer lifegroups, click the button below!

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Beginners Camp - June 21-22

Day Camp - June 23

Junior Week - June 24-29

Senior School Week - July 8-13

Middle School Week - July 22-2


Shipwrecked VBS August 6th-10th  Each night @6:00 pm 



Welcome to Shipwrecked

A fun and adventurous place where kids can learn that Jesus can

be their forever friend.  Jesus cares about kids and can rescue them

in life's toughest circumstances.  Your kids are in for a week full of


There will be amazing new music and a relaxing Island-getaway setting

that is all about Making Jesus Irresistible to Kids.  So, come join the

fun and bring your friends and neighbors to VBS this August 6-10th.  

The fun begins @ 6:00pm. 

Snacks, great lessons and fun...who could ask for more? 

You can register here on the button below.  We are looking forward to

seeing you there.